Good morning instafriends🌞. This morning has been a bit difficult for me to choose a picture to post. I've been to a couple of amazing places on the south part of #chania and have taken a tonne of pictures (👀 my instastories). Which one to choose😩??? Anyway I decided on...
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In case you didn't know there's a new blogpost up on Stories from Crete. Just click on the link in bio😉. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #blogger #storiesfromcrete #agiairinigorge #my_greece
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I can't wait to show you all the pictures I took yesterday at Glika Nera😊. In the meanwhile click on Stories from Crete (link in bio) to read all about Agia Irene gorge. P.S after visiting Glika Nera I'm in desperate need of a drone. Any recommendations? #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #beachesofchania #glikanerabeach
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