Letting time go by traveling the magic world! #harrypotter
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On the bus home. It feels kinda empty @ home without baby. He's away on a business trip almost the whole week. So it's just me & the kittens now. Gonna be a lot of couch time I guess..? Hmm..!
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Baby fell sleep on my lap 💗 she's in heat & the feelings is so overwhelming for her. When she's not meowing like hell for a guy she's sleeping in the most weird places & constellations. #bellatrix don't know if we're gonna nuder her or maybe get her pregnant first?
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Having a #PMS moment watching @jazzybumblee taking an early journey to #Halloween town 👻 while I'm jummying on some #Nutella 👌🏻
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#Birthdaygift from me to baby & a perfect addiction to our #kitchen, this #gameofthrones cutting board is like, #perfection. 👌🏻
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