Mama #suicaペンギン exhibition! Met godmother Chiharu Sakazaki-san also and have authograph!!! Very happy!!!!! #さかざきちはるおしごと展
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Today, as big it may sound for me, I dedided to change the language setting on my phone for my Kanji practice and familiarization. As like what they say, one small step is a big leap. So far, I can read and understand some notices and lines. It makes me...
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今年の日本語の日記。#BulletJournal lets go!-- #jr東日本 #Suicaペンギン
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Of all your leading men, I like the best is you with Hoshinosan! I am so happy to spend new years watching you on tv Aragakisan ❤️#逃げるは恥だが役に立つ
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私の1番好きな趣味は買いものです〜 今日のモード❤️ #stuffakpwear
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My first kind of ~walwal~ of the year. Went to the far end of Tokyo. Discovered and learned a lot of things!!! 柴又 now has a special place in my 心!!!
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