New post up on the blog with so many photos shot by @ashleyjensenphotography because it's her birthday!! A bunch of photos I haven't even posted... link in bio and wish her happy birthdayyy 🎉 pc: @ashleyjensenphotography for: @westvillagetribe
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Typical Instagram #ootd photos: 1) the look-down-pose like these is $100 on the ground (oh I wish) 2) the awkward smile
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Planning the weekend’s trip so hard with @wulfhaley at the moment ⚡️ But also planning my outfit(s) so hard - this @nidodileda dress for sure! pc: @caraokelly
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Fan shaped fun earrings or fun shaped fan earrings - either way these are from @shopharlowmoon and I’m in love 🌙🌙🌙
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When your outfit matches the wall - you must take your #ootd picture there 🗞 || wearing new @sanctuaryclothing pants #ShareYourSanctuary
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Today Eddie and I built an herb garden - he designed it “spiral”, and calculated the sun light angles and everything (follow along with my insta story!), and I took pictures of it the whole time. It’s called teamwork. I can’t wait to eat our plant babies. pc: @keleeb
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