Almost ready to do 14 million loads of laundry / not sleep for the next 6 years / be afraid for the rest of my life. . . #36weeks #neverreallyready
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The fullest heart. The fullest belly. . Bursting with love for this baby, who clearly has decided he wants to be an acrobat when he grows up and most likes to practice his moves at 3am. Also lately I just want to eat ALL THE FOOD but there's nowhere for...
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Bestie. Lover. Partner in peaceful crime. To the moon & back. . . 🌙 . . Photo: @konjinius . . #yoga #lovers #31monthsofmrandmrs
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Deep bows to the year behind. It's been a big one, and has ended with some pretty wild all about in our latest newsletter! Link in the bio 👆🏻 . . Photo: Maya Clausen . . #yoga #deepbows #newyearsnews
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All the big leaps lately: across the ocean and back and into studio ownership. Watching this belly grow and getting ready for the biggest leap of all. . Deep bows to hanuman 🐒 . 📸 @apfelkini for @thegroovegathering . #leapingskills #hanumanasana #yoga #splits
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