That's right! 😉Our #UArts #SchoolofDance is featured on the list of the Top 10 BFA Dance Programs in the Country for 2017-18! A special thanks to @onsstageblog for making us #6! 💃🕺🏻To read this editorial in full, follow the link at the end of this post! #UArts #UArtsCPA #schoolofdance #uartsphilly...
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#UArts #SP18 semester is almost here, so we’re down to the wire getting the #greenfieldlibrary back in order. We’re shelfreading and making sure every single book is where it belongs! 🤪👍 📚👹
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And this is why the #uartslibraries are closed til Jan 16. Every book has to come off the shelf and go to a new spot! #ditchdewey Greenfield Library switches to Library of Congress call numbers. 📚📗🤦‍♀️ #thecallnumbersformerlyknownasdewey
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Working til the bitter end in the #uartslibraries! Sid, Shelton, and Melissa.
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Today’s final Visual Resources and Special Collections highlight before winter break is a bittersweet sci-fi Christmas story from “The ACME Novelty Library” by Chris Ware (UArts VRSC Call # A 741.5973 W22a) Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at the UArts Libraries! #UArtsLibraries #UArtsVRSC #ChrisWare #ACMENoveltyLibrary...
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For our last #tbt before the winter break, let us take a gander at Philadelphia Museum School of Art (now #UArts!!!) faculty member Fred deP. Rothermel posing beneath some holiday decorations in #HamiltonHall back in 1951. Please have a wonderful break UArts, and come back to us safely in 2018....
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