Resolusi 2018 : consume less coffee, sudah runtuh
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To : Michael Happy Anniversary, Bestie ! Glad to have you as my companion at doing crimes(?) for this past year . Let's do this forever 👏 Much love, Ratna photo by : @karlpaoki #romanticbutabsurd #talesofmichaelratna #couple #anniversary #bestfriendcouple #couplegoals #love
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q pendek bantet tpi q bangga 👏 i always have my belongings simple and light, cause i walk like 20.000 steps in a day, and it's the same reason that i didn't look well dressed 😂 (will try harder in this, k) anyone traveling near these months? post your photos...
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let's stay cute and adorable forever, hey partner ! we have the mission to bring the world smiles, even it is just a little ! #couplegoals #singaporeescapade #singaporebotanicgardens #travelingpartner #partnerforlife #thestoryofus #talesofmichaelratna
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"The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes" - Kingdom Hearts. Mimicking Kairi's poses when she waits for Sora* Suddenly missed one of those time when i played games, like Playstation, or Nintendo without worrying about Internet's lag or quotas or even jobs to do. Because all...
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