Love my "new" used car so much. She is adorable!
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For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: Love your neighbor as yourself. Galatians 5:14 Image: YouVersion
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#creativity is a concept that goes really wide and has so much potential. Anything can be creative... And yet, it is one of the things in business and life that I struggle with if I start comparing my creative to someone else's creative. One big goal for 2018 is to...
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We know what steps we want our customers to take, and we are conditioned to see certain colors, or a contrast in colors, as actionable. Keeping this top of mind when you're creating your website structure and design can make a big impact. I had an interesting experience at Staples...
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I was trying to read an article on the Newsweek website about measles exposure that occurred earlier this month at two airports. I couldn't even get through the first paragraph because of ads trying to load. This happens all the time especially on larger sites and major news sites. And...
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With the help of some fabulous local business owners, I have landed on my big goals for 2018 and the action steps to accomplish them. I am super-happy and so excited to start implementing my new goals. What are you focusing your mind and your actions on in 2018?
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