Day 17 on #myhouseinseptember is "what was i thinking?" ... not house related but I DEFINITELY should not have had those shots last night, I woke up feeling rather ill today and have embarrassingly only just got out of bed 😷😷 #livingroom #livingroominspo #bluewalls #art #desenio #nexthome
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Happy Sunday! I’m currently still laid up in bed scrolling through insta - its both a blessing and a curse sometimes, I love it for the inspiration but always find myself second guessing decisions and wishing I’d done things differently 🤔. Anyone else feel this way? Anywho...I finally bought a...
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What a gorgeous sunny Sunday, it was shining right into the living room this morning. Still madly in love with this cushion I got for my birthday last year, the embroidery detailing is just so amazing 😍. #livingroom #details #cushions #embroidery #pocketofmyhome #littlegreene #juniperash
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Happy Sunday! I picked up some new glasses yesterday after exclusively using contact lenses for about 4 years and it is so weird trying to get used to them - everything looks curved! Apparently its normal and I’ll get used to them after a few days ... but as I...
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Happy Saturday! The closer we get to putting the house on the market the more I fall in love with my beautiful fireplace...I always joked I would take it when we sold (it isn’t original we found it on Gumtree for £50) and now we get closer to selling I’m...
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