Bailey turns 8 in a week. This is her birthday list. 💜
by joyrmac 2 days ago | via Instagram

I bribed her to sit nicely in the cart by telling her I’d get this dress for her. It worked. She was amazing the whole trip. And now she won’t take the dress off. Or her hat or sweatshirt or her shoes. It’s cool. She’s cute. But she has no...
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When you see your kid and your like... wait. When did you get so pretty and so grown up. I’m dead. Also... I love her tooth gap. So cute.
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She’s been reading every day all week when I come to get her out of her room for nap. When she was younger she loved having books in her crib. And she’s doing it all over again. I love it. Baby bookworm.
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I had a fever last night and this morning. Feeling super lethargic and weak. Luckily I have cheerful kids. But I feel like crap. Don’t know if it’s a flu or just a bad cold and congestion with sinus stuff. I just hope it goes away soon. Meanwhile, Birdie has...
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