It's hard to full capture the experience of being in a place as amazing as Golden Ears Park... Here are a few of the highlights from the recent Tri Varsity Trek. Special thanks to Mr. Wergeland for the footage and for leading those willing and eager Grade 8 and 9...
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One of the best things about Middle School is that our admin team is always willing to participate in the fun. #twinsday #middleschoolisawesome
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The girls in 6V doing twins day to the MAX! Watch for more twinning throughout the day. #twinsday #twinsforthewin
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Grade 8s trying wheelchair basketball in PE last week. Developing a whole new perspective on the game. ♿️🏀
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Grade 8 students fully engaged in learning French through practise. This is a sample of the French play “Veux tu Aller aux Carnival?” (Do you want to go to Carnival?) that our Grade 8s learn and present in class.
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