I’m SO happy that you all loved this look! I worked really hard on it and to read all of your nice comments is amazing. I’m so grateful. ♡ As mentioned in the previous post, the Pumpkin Jersey Dress is from @amiclubwear / amiclubwear.com ! There’s still a sale going...
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I’m so very excited to be going back to Disneyland, soon! I’ve felt really stressed/overwhelmed thanks to my seasonal depression 😭 I could really use some magic in my life, right now ✨🏰🎡🎠💕
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OMG!! I have reached my Disneyland fundraising goal with weeks to spare!! I’m so excited to go back in a couple of weeks aaaa 💕 Thank you SO much to anyone who bought a promo from me ~ 🎡🎠🏰
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My dear friend Renee (@sugarxhighness) and I created these pins to show that you should not only love what you love, but love who you love no matter what. 25% of the proceeds from these pins will be donated to The Trevor Project - a charity that gives LGBTQ+ youth...
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I can finally post this! @shopoddsnends will be open for Ready to Ship ears (no customs) INCLUDING spooky ears! The shop will have ready to ship ears up at 4pm PST so give them a follow to be notified when the shop goes live! 💕
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Anyone else obsessed with @palayeroyale’s new song “Teenage Heartbreak Queen”? 💔 It reminds me of this look I did last year lmao any ideas as to what kind of looks I should do this year? 💉
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