And just like that, the weekend is gone. 🙈That's all I have to say. Also, #blackisthehappiestcolor. 🖤 _ Wearing @malusmarcoo top. Get 20% with code PLNSH20 #sponsored _ photo by amazing @kaylaalaskataylorphotography
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Coming back home tomorrow to my favorite people, restaurants, wineries - my favorite kinda country life. 🙌🏻Many people has asked me what they can do to help the #winecountry recover from the fire storm. 💔Well, buy our wine (directly from the winery or online - buying from your local store...
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Posting a silly picture because it's been a long week and I feel like we all could use one. 💛Take care, everyone. _ 📷: @kaylaalaskataylorphotography
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Still speechless over here. Can't stop watching the news and checking in with my friends. 😥We decided to evacuate the other night and are now safe in San Francisco, but the devastation in the wine country is still far from over. 💔If you'd like to help in any way, please...
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Heartbreaking to see so much devastation in my beloved wine country. 😥Feeling fortunate to be spared from the #wildfires yet guilty that so many others didn't have the same luck. Thank you to all those who reached out and sent comforting messages. 💛We are staying put in Napa as of...
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What I wish I was doing right now instead of working. 🙈Cheers!🥂#workhard #playharder #SundayFunday #NapaBlogger
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