When you think you heard someone day the word "treat".
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Carefully cultivated & perfected crispy cumin zucchini strips with herbed dipping sauce?!?! Nah, let's be real. I'm just winging all of it. Cooking, motherhood, my 401K, in essence life. Swipe away to see how easy this air fryer made it seem like I have everything in perfect order. AD
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This was moments before he decided to lob his creation into my hair. Giddiness was replaced with impending fear as he realized just how deeply embedded they quickly became in my long hair. If you are looking for my oldest child he will be locked away in the dungeon for...
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Thanksgiving day post feast hike = waddle while you walk.
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It's definitely the season of book reading in Minnesota! #ReadMo AD The newest release from Mo Willems is called Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World & its inspiring my latest post about kids and conquering fears. Check it out #ontheblog now!
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