One second every day September style! #blackham1secmonthlymemories
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Oreo loves his little beany bear #blackhamkitty
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Cal and Kate completed the #dirtydash today. Crazy kids! They were worn out!
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Grayson’s dinner ... he prepped it himself. My contribution was the fresh tomato from my garden🍅
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Happy birthday Landon! Landon and Sol are off honeymooning, but we still have his “head” and had a little cake here at home. We’ll have another (better) cake when they get back. #blackhambirthdays
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Thanks to all the family and friends who came out to support Landon and Sol as they start out life together. Just a few candid photos from my phone. The reception is yet to come (Sept22) #landonandsol #blackhamboywedding
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