now that our nyc trip fell through, I am packing with no real sense of where we are going. but we are going somewhere. adventure doesn't have an itinerary. ♥️ some essentials are my cozy sweaters, film camera, a journal, and compact products to keep me refreshed. This hair oil...
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Coming to a swing set near you ✨💛 I’m so happy I got to see my sister @maddie_ballard this weekend and we went to all our old favorite places from growing up in Michigan, including this park!
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My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate + peanut butter 😋 This weekend has been full of sunshine and time with family in Detroit. 💛 #VomitWanders
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I’m visiting Detroit for the weekend! 💛 Every time I go back to where I grew up and see my family, I am always tempted to move back, especially because my grandparents’ house is sooo cute! Nothing can take me away from NYC, though 🌈🌇
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No time for captions; I’m currently on my fire escape breathing in the fresh summer air and watching the sunset while my roommate tends to her garden. 🌿
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Now on the blog! I made you a PRINTABLE for managing anxiety! I’ve been wanting to make this post for a long time and it is chock full of all of my tips and tricks for when you’re having an anxiety episode 💛 This topic isn’t talked about enough, especially...
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