Why I don't use Dove products anymore... My skin is sensitive and thus allergic to their bullish*t #saynotoracism #myskinmatters Read my new blog post on #LAM for more: tinyurl.com/saynotodove
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So glad that I got to see #SoulofaNation (The Power of Black Art) earlier. Be sure to check out my blog post later for more pics & my thoughts on the exhibition :) #linkinbio #blackhistorymonth #LAM
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Couldn't think of a better time to make my return. #blackhistorymonth #sankofa #LAM #newpost
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Yesterday I went #skydiving... This was before my heart decided to do somersaults when I got up top 😂#Southbank
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My second big chop. Restarted my natural hair journey on 02/06/17. Here we go again 💇🏾Will do a blog update soon on #LAM
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