Mayan ada foto baru πŸ˜† . . Thank you @kedsid for having me from FIMELA to join watercolor painting workshop that somehow recalls my childhood back. I loved drawing and coloring when I was in school anyway.
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Should I write my experience of having paraSHIT boyfriend on blog? Just to warn the ladies that there're so many fuckboys out there, you should never give your soul and love to the wrong guy! Even when you terlalu lama jomblo, jangan terlena sama mulut manis lelaki hina yg cuma...
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πŸƒ serpihan cerita momon πŸƒ . . Waktu itu lagi makan di suatu tempat. When I was talking to the waiter, aku notice cowok yg duduk di seberang mejaku ngeliatin aku. To be honest, dari awal aku emang udah ngeliatin cowok itu terus (mungkin karena dia duduk depan seberang aku...
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Raise your hand πŸ™‹ if you'd rather have a puppy 🐢 than a boyfriendπŸ™…
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Need a cup of coffee #ngantuk
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