A little wild turkey for a rainy thanksgiving weekend. Grateful to be curled up on the couch today eating all the homemade chocolate (thank you @dallasdelahunt ❣) and not going anywhere. . 🦃🦃🦃 . . P.S. see that little itty bitty bump? (It's bigger when I'm right side up) 👶🏻...
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We believe in trees. Our latest newsletter is up.. just a wee two months late 🙃Temporary link in the bio ☝🏼 . . #treehuggers
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The weather changes but laundry season never ends ☔️ . . #rainydays #yoga #infrontenac #laundryseason #mondayfeels
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Hanging out to dry. . . . #yoga #pinchamayurasana #lilacseason #laundryseason
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My most favourite event of the year, coming up in just a month and this may be our dreamiest line up yet. Wanna join us? Use the promo code LIZ for a 10% discount on all tickets ☺️ Everything you need to know at www.thegroovefestival.com. . . . #thegroovegathering #yoga...
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Back to the beginning. Learning the body. Learning the slow bones. Learning to let the phone just ring, if rushing to answer means disturbing the sleeping babe in my lap. Learning to do all the things with my one free hand. Learning that if all I accomplished today was a...
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