today has been heckin partytime at venice 🌈
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lately on the subway I’ve been reading this book that’s a collection of essays written by women about their definitions of home. it’s resonated with me a lot and I can’t seem to put it down. I’ve found home within myself and my own solitude, and I couldn’t be happier....
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there’s just so many beautiful colors here and I can’t get over how magical every little nook of nyc is 🐻 do y’all like when I share style photos on the street or do you want to see something new?
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if you zoom in really close you can see the cute heart earrings that I found at the flea market for $3 🦌 I was really going for comfy and cozy — what do you guys like to wear when you want to be comfortable?
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fun fact about me: I drink earl grey tea almost every day, and I purposefully leave the tea bag for a long time so it tastes extra bitter ☕️ does anybody else do this or am I weird?
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Life doesn’t feel real right now. I’ve found lately that I’m constantly journaling, as if every minute detail of my life must be recorded, as if my brain will become feeble all too soon and not remember what the crisp air tastes like or the sound of the subway screeching...
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