This Classic Petite Ashfield watch from @danielwellington in rose gold meshes surprisingly well with my neutrals! Use CLOSETVOMIT at checkout for 15% off. Feeling so in my element with these tones for fall -- I hope they stay all year round.🍂♥️ #petiteclassicashfield #ad
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fun fact about me: I drink earl grey tea almost every day, and I purposefully leave the tea bag for a long time so it tastes extra bitter ☕️ does anybody else do this or am I weird?
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Life doesn’t feel real right now. I’ve found lately that I’m constantly journaling, as if every minute detail of my life must be recorded, as if my brain will become feeble all too soon and not remember what the crisp air tastes like or the sound of the subway screeching...
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trying to really implement what I’ve learned about loving myself for who I am!! so here’s a selfie of me at my most raw in my favorite tee that I thrifted for $5 when I was sixteen. really taking the time to focus on my health today. 🐻
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comment the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you! in need of a good laugh this evening. another from the other day with @lindseypoy ☔️
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all of you are my valentines ♥️ this year, I’ve found that it’s so important to share this holiday with your family and friends (and lovers) by telling them how much you love them and letting them know you’re there always. so hello, friends! i love all of you and...
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