I got Pic Monkey on my iPhone and now I'm editing old photos. This was May.
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"(Gandalf:) 'Bilbo had a corslet of mithril-rings that Thorin gave him. I wonder what has become of it? Gathering dust still in Michel Delving Mathom-house, I suppose.' "'What?' cried Gimli, startled out of his silence. 'A corslet of Moria-silver? That was a kingly gift!' "'Yes,' said Gandalf. 'I never told...
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First: check out this ancient picture of my fourteen year old son when he was teeny tiny and wearing what the kids called “The Mayor’s Hat”. Second: I wrote a piece about reading to children and I would LOVE it if you would stop by and say hi. Link in...
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I had to drive a total of 532 miles (round trip) to take my son to see a specialist (good news: he’s fine). When we got to our friends’ house, I saw this outside. #allthefeels
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