Birthday boy is celebrating by going to the clergy conference in Chicago with his father. I miss them both, especially since it's Jack's birthday, but they seem to be having a good time!
by melissanaasko 3 months ago | via Instagram

My sweet grandparents sent these honeybell oranges from @halegroves up here to the frozen hinterlands and they are amazing. The kids are devouring them. It’s like tasting summer when we’ve had two hundred inches of snow this winter. (Don’t worry, hubs, yours is stashed safely away.)
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This is shaping up to be a pretty wintery winter. #keweenawlife #winterisrealhere
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Taking Isabel out in honor of her twelfth birthday. #youaregettingold #fortunecookiewisdom
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It’s snow removal time. One son on the roof and another on the tractor. #keweenawlife #winterisrealhere
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