Birthday boy is celebrating by going to the clergy conference in Chicago with his father. I miss them both, especially since it's Jack's birthday, but they seem to be having a good time!
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Cristina found a branch in the parking lot and did what she does. #lotrfan #monasterykids
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Vanilla pound cake with mocha glaze and sprinkles for a neighbor’s birthday.
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My mother wore pink cowboy boots as a kid and Claudia decided she wanted some. These are her fancy ones with the silver tips. She wants you all to see. You’re welcome.
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Update on #luckytheduck : He is getting new feathers and his scab fell off, revealing fresh skin. He was weaned off his warming light and no longer wants his bin covered to hide. He is getting tuna cat food for the added protein. When it’s warmer, he will go out...
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I’m cooking dinner and I can see Cristina outside. I think she’s thrilled that she can kind-of swing. It feels like spring! #keweenawspring
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