This happened to Callahan's car last Friday. While parked at school. At least they left a note. Similar (but worse) happened to Landon some years ago. Parking lots are dangerous too!
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Homemade Oreos ... a favorite cookie here in the Blackham home. I made a big, double batch Friday night. They were gone by the next day ...
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Went to the new Hale Theater yesterday. The show was really good, the talent is amazing! Quite the change from when I was in some shows back at the theater on Main Street.
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It's a good thing I don't suffer from Anatidaephobia … because here in the Blackham home, the ducks ARE watching. The first photo was what I saw looking up out of the gym window, the second video is of our back door 🦆 #blackhamducks2017
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I am usually a good bed maker every day (well, except Sundays). But when Gray is out of town, I simply fold back my side to sleep and then fold it back to "make the bed" ... but back to true making the bed tomorrow morning because Hubs comes home...
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It's the Builder's Conference in Orlando Florida. The Symphony Homes guys found a little time for a Segway tour too. #graysonsgetaways
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