Another Prisma edit. This is Veronica with her steer, Heracles. That's Jack out in the pasture.
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A friend of mine needed help shoveling off her deck when the warm weather basically caused an avalanche. My boys have their work cut out for them!
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Went into town to go to the feed store and all the talk is about whether or not this is finally spring. It is. The black flies have engulfed the farmhouse. That’s he surest sign of spring. #keweenawspring
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One of my children wrote a review of the amazing graphic novel written by @creativeorthodox and it is published in the latest issue of #newmartyrmagazine. Find a link in my bio and subscribe today!
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Hey, look! The latest #newmartyrmagazine is here! Guess what? One of my sons has a review of the fantastic graphic novel by @creativeorthodox !!! Check out the link to the magazine in my bio!
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So. This happened. We have two more sheep. 😍😍😍
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