I walked into the bathroom and saw this, neatly placed on the toilet paper. I don't think I even want to know what happened but, oh, my. #momlife
by melissanaasko 2 months ago | via Instagram

It’s snow removal time. One son on the roof and another on the tractor. #keweenawlife #winterisrealhere
by melissanaasko 3 days ago | via Instagram

Making four quarts of homemade yogurt from our cow’s fresh milk. #makersgonnamake #familycow
by melissanaasko 5 days ago | via Instagram

Please pray for the monastery where my husband is attached as a deacon. There was an unfortunate fire this morning that was thankfully caught fairly quickly. It could have been far, far worse.
by melissanaasko 6 days ago | via Instagram

Knitting with black yarn is always a challenge but I decided to add in lace AND watching “Victoria” in Amazon. #knittersofinstagram
by melissanaasko 1 week ago | via Instagram

Brie en croute with apricot-peach jam. #oldcalendarchristmas
by melissanaasko 1 week ago | via Instagram