Today's breakfast of champions. Little Sophia helped me make this apple-blueberry crisp, she even helped pick the fruit! Daddy shouldn't worry, she saved him a big spoonful so he can enjoy it tonight after work.
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This is insufferable heat for this area. The south is hotter but since this is 126 degrees warmer than the coldest cold I’ve seen here, I reserve the right to hate it. On the bright side, my kids saved some Brie for me.
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Sometimes mom-life and writing-life and part-time-marketing life collides. There are days when I wish I had four arms. Today is one of those days.
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Just what we need. 😒 More rain. #keweenawlife #coppercountrystrong
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Every year there are a few ducklings that just need some TLC. We know that some of those just won’t make. Even though we have close to forty thriving ducklings, my little ones are missing this one. They named him Bentley and he just never did well despite constant care....
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Sophia: Mama! Take a photo! Quick before it falls! Me: Why? Sophia: Everyone will want to see me! #whynot
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