Today's breakfast of champions. Little Sophia helped me make this apple-blueberry crisp, she even helped pick the fruit! Daddy shouldn't worry, she saved him a big spoonful so he can enjoy it tonight after work.
by melissanaasko 6 months ago | via Instagram

Good news. Sophia lost another tooth!
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That’s #luckytheduck on the bottom right. He’s hanging out with the others. He will have to come in tonight for more ointment on his rump and spend the night inside even though he doesn’t want it. It will be a little below freezing at night for the next week and...
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This is actually good lotion but one of my girls borrowed it and was disappointed. She wants me to switch it up because this is clearly #lenten because it has #coconutoil ! #orthodoxkids
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Greg made fresh bread for today’s lunch. Teach your kids to cook and bake, guys. #worthit #proudmom #yummy
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