Cause we are sisters, we stand together 🎶 what song is this line from?! If you know then you know 😎currently having a fun day out because our big sister @kimmaid is the bees knees and plans the best days out 🤗
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I uploaded a video yesterday 🤗 I answered your questions you asked me on here the other day about being broke, serious topics and then I spent about 5 minutes gushing about my boyfriend 😅 the link is in my bio and story 💕
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Just about recovered from the half marathon the other day 😅 Happy to say I’ve been filming videos and one will be going up tonight! Thank you for all the lovely comments a few posts ago when I opened up about the self doubt I’d been experiencing, you’re all so...
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Today I finished my 3rd ever half marathon and I am FINISHED 😅 Those 13.1 miles took everything out of me but I’m so happy I did it! 🤗 I ran for the @elephantfamily and want to say thank you to the angels who have donated to such a great...
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