Feelin sassy 💖 my outfit matches my hair so I'm pretty chuffed. Obvs this is @shopcatface hair 🤗
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Suns out ☀️ bums out 🍑Fun Fact: some bums have cellulite and stretch marks on them and that’s totally okay. You may not see it all the time so you may feel your body is wrong for having any kind of imperfection but learning to love my cute butt dimples...
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I’ve had a wonderful week in a wonderful place and it’s given me so much clarity 😌 I took time to really think about what it is I wanted out of life and I feel at least for now I have some idea of what my next step is. Travel...
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Soaking in that ☀️ I’ve uploaded 2 videos in the last few days and odds are you haven’t seen them as YouTube low key sucks at showing videos from people you’ve actually subscribed to lmao like why you recommending me gaming videos?! I’m still trying to complete that Heart of...
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I’m actually in love with water like from now on I HAVE to be near a body of water In order to function 💙
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Happy Valentine’s my loves ❣️ I’m currently on a spontaneous trip somewhere lovely with a little bit of much needed sun ☀️ 🤗
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