First fruit off my imbe! It was rather tart. I hope the fruit will be a bit sweeter as the tree matures.
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Our huge fruit tree sale is this Sunday! Free admission, expert advice, and an air conditioned Convention Center filled with fruit trees and edible plants - Mango, Lychee, Avocado, Annona, Banana, Cacao, Jaboticaba, Mamey Sapote, Ice Cream Bean, Passion Fruit Vines, Low Chill Peach and so much more.
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Our annual rare fruit tree sale will be held Sunday, May 20th at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Around 20 vendors from around the state will bring graces fruit trees, herbs, bananas, passion fruit vines and more. Entry is free and the venue is air conditioned. More info can be...
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Thank you to Lisa Hickey for sharing with us about the Dirty Secrets of Soil Dynamics tonight.
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#Repost 📷 @tropicalacresfarms Join us Monday, February 12th at 7pm to hear Alex Salazar share with the club about Mangos in 2018. Alex is a South Florida native and grew up in Jupiter. He graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa and started farming mangos in 2011. Salazar...
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Join us tonight at Palma Sola Botanical Park for our first meeting of 2018. We have Dr. Matt Snow sharing with us about avocados. Dr Matt Snow was born in Miami and has been interested in plants since he was very young. He has been a commercial farmer of avocados,...
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