One of the reasons we love SAFF. The mountains in Asheville are beautiful. #saff#hexagonalneedles #knittersofinstagram #knitting
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We arrived at Baker Beach with perfect light to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. One problem. Our battery went dead at that perfect time. Mother Nature wins again! 😂 #stitcheswest2018 #1stdayoffin3months #bakerbeach
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Look what we discovered at the Beach Chalet! WPA frescos from the mid 1930’s #knittingatthebeach #stitcheswest2018
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A paddle boat on Stow Lake seemed like a good idea.....then we realized we had to pedal! #goldengatepark #dayoff #stitcheswest2018
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Playing a game with my grandson Henry. He keeps changing the rules. I wonder who is going to win. #grandchildfun
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