I set myself 5 big goals at the beginning of the year. This was one of them and I can't believe it! I'm a car owner! πŸ€—πŸ’–
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Training 6 hours a day isn’t easy but we get it done at @team_bootcamp 😈πŸ’ͺ🏾 You can find out more about how I’ve been training in my new video! I’ll put a link in my story πŸ€— #bootcamp #training #workoutwednesday #teambootcamp #hiit #cardio
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My plate at bootcamp is always so colourful πŸ€— The diet at @team_bootcamp is paleo high fat, moderate protein and low carb πŸ₯—Whilst I’m here I always opt to be veggie as it’s an opportunity for me to get closer to my goal of being 100% vegetarian 🌱 Would you...
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First week of bootcamp is done! Now onto week 2 😈 I’m currently in the process of editing a video about how we’ve been doing 4-6 hours of workouts a day this past week πŸ’€ It will most likely go live on Monday because your girl is TIRED! As you...
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I always get questions about my skin and it’s all down to genetics (thanks mum & dad) but also a good skincare routine! I have sensitive skin and this 1 Minute Daily Glow Mask from @sanctuaryspa feels like a dream on my skin, I mean IT SMELLS SO DREAMY 🍊...
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Serena thicc πŸ˜› Side note: I stan a strong black woman, @serenawilliams has truly been an amazing role model for me for so many years now. She handles herself with the fierceness and grace I hope to harness one day 😌 Who is your role model?
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