Mimosa Saturday. Chilling catching up on #Scandal and #htgawm. Glass made by lil sis @swtonu2000
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Flash Back Friday....Did you say colors....this is where it all started. Once I discovered @mimigstyle my love of sewing was renewed. I love looking at my early pics. Funny tho...my posing has not changed 不不不. #sewvestyle #californiasewist #sewingblogger #mimigstyle #patternhacking #sewover50 #sewphotohop #sewphotohop2018
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New Blog Post 漎儭. Technicolor Bomber Jacket. Me and this Jacket had a major fight. We made up and the rest is history 不不不. Sewing is a game of chess and sometimes the fabric tries to win but I always have a checkmate in my back pocket. 撾儭. The dress...
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#sewphotohop Day 5 Hey Everybody....my name is Venita and Im 5 days behind. Im not going try and catch up. This is my sewing space. It looks like this every time I finish sewing. Im a messy sewer but my space has to be neat and tidy when Im done....
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NEW BLOG POST 漎儭. I am officially free. Released from the tyranny of waiting for Bae to take my pics 不. If you responded to my survey last week just know that you gave wings and I will soar. Not to bad from my first round. Will keep practicing so...
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