What are your plans for this cozy afternoon? Thank you Alyson😘@thatsnotmyage #Book #KnowYourStyle
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Walk on the wild side this season with a pair of Cowgirl boots...don’t miss The Shoe And Tell Fashion Link Up, NOT Just For #Shoes, on the blog 🐩@stylenudge🐩 Favorite posts @funkyforty @cutenlittle
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A Tree Grows In My Office... if you haven’t already linked up on Shoe And Tell there’s still time! #collector #vintage Favorite post @theeageofgrace
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Here’s to the essential white shirt, not sure what I would do without you!! 💕#tbthursday #mywhiteshirt
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Why Every Woman Should Own A Vintage Handbag?!...New post and Vintage Shop featuring a curated selection of handbags on Style Nudge. **Be sure to follow my new Instagram @cheriejamescollections to see some of the #vintage handbags in the shop. Shoe and Tell Link Up too! Fav posts @mamainheels @mutton_style
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What doesn’t go with Denim?🌟Don’t miss the Style Nudge Fashion Link Up on the blog @jeffreycampbell
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