Progress. All the wires are out. Next step is removing the harp. #pianorenovation
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I had sushi for dinner and afterwards, Edie snagged the containers to house caterpillars. I guess I’m cool with these guys living on my dining table??? Fulton named one Napkin, Teddy named one Mr Caterpilly and Edie named one Gury Carelson. Seems like the beginning to a great sitcom episode.
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#royalwedding blah, blah, blah- here’s a photo of my dress. I wore it with red and white striped socks and tall, white Dr. Martin boots. About eight years after this photo, I had it altered into a first holy Communion dress for Addie. Edie wore it herself a few years...
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Update: Giveaway now closed. A lot of great books have dropped recently, but I wanted to make sure y’all knew about his great title from my friend @colleen_murphy_duggan . I took a photo of it on my crumb covered dining table because that is what I could manage today. If...
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Who just laid still, WITHOUT TALKING, for an hour and a half MRI with no sedation or complaints (despite the MRI getting delayed TWO HOURS due to a machine malfunction)? THIS GUY!!!! (And I mean the cute kid in the front, not the stalking teen in the back.) Did I...
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Today was a good day.
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