I'm not just posting this just to have something to post on my Instagram. I hope this has the same impact on you as it did me. Everyday you wake up is a blessing because so many did not have the chance to experience today. So are you going to...
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What does body positive mean to you? 💭 I’m curious because to me it’s always been about learning to love myself no matter what my body looks like or feels like, just to appreciate I’ve been blessed with a body 💙 so that means wherever I am in my fitness...
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The loves of my life, they mean so much to me 💙 watch my story to see me fail at jenga, start a fire and make a gingerbread house 🤗❄️ also though I’ve been on a Christmas getaway, #MotivationMonday went up yesterday, the link is in my bio ☺️
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Be patient and work hard 🖤 It WILL be worth it. It could take a year or even 5 years but every moment will help build and shape you into someone who is so ready for whatever is to come, good or bad. #MotivationMonday
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My sister so kindly pointed out the other day that I spent 11 months being an absolute mess and only got myself sorted out in the 12 month 😂 it sounds harsh but you really need people in your life that don’t sugarcoat things! It’s true, this year was an...
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Catching some of that winter sun ☀️ ❄️ it’s not everyday smile in my pictures, sometimes I can hold a straight face but only for like 0.5 seconds 🤗 I hope you’re all having an amaaaaazing week
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