I'm trying to be pickier about the keepers. Striving for better, in photography and in all aspects of life. I fail, daily, but I'm trying. Trying to fill my time with the best things. Trying to use Christ's grace to change bad habits and form good ones. And that's all...
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He’s seen mom sling a camera around her neck a few times, I think.
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It’s so special watching your friends become parents for the first time—especially these guys! Little Clay is already so loved. More from this newborn session coming soon!
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After a session a couple weeks ago, I walked slowly back to my car and enjoyed the beauty of the nature preserve at dusk. Soft golden light and those warm desert colors ❤️
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That one time I let go.
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Looking back at old pictures like this one reminds me why I love making pictures. My passion has ebbed and flowed over the years, but I keep doing it for the memories. And, as Elizabeth Gilbert says, passion isn’t sustainable in certain times and seasons—but curiosity is always an option....
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