*UPDATE* if you’re offended by “☕️+🍋” and feel that the espresso cup is too big, you can go to ybryksenkova.blogspot.com/2017/11/drinking-coffee-around-world.html, where i posted an updated illustration just for you 😉 // espresso romano with a cornetto on the side in italy; tiny cafezinho with a chocolatey brigadeiro in brazil. crop...
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new illustration for “my VIP” magazine from @petsathomeuk, issue 20 (winter 2017-18)
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a little ice croquet in -4*F ❄️
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hello 👋🏻 thank you for another year of your kindness and support! i’m ready to say goodbye to 2017 and look forward to new projects, adventures and hopefully changes (those midterm elections can’t come fast enough 🤢) oh and turning 30! but for now we’re off to canada for a...
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when work winds down toward the end of the year and the holiday quiet starts to settle in, i love to sit down with a cup of tea + a ludicrous made-for-tv christmas movie and wrap gifts. i noticed colors that have been creeping into my work lately (dark green-grey,...
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beautiful, still alien view just on my way to the post office. this december is going to be very different from any i’ve ever known, and that’s okay 🧡
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