December is here!!! December is here!!! Which to me means, only a few more weeks until a new year can commence and a new me can emerge from a very busy year. Already looking forward to a more creative me in 2018. Here’s to an amazing last month of 2017!...
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Enjoying this city together is one of my favorite things ever! So many new exciting things to do and so many places yet to be discovered. We love you #houston 🎄
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Gabe and I have been engaged for a little over a year now, and believe it or not, I am just now really feeling the idea of it all sink in. I bought my first wedding magazine a month ago and have been leisurely looking through the pages for ideas...
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So many fun Murals in Downtown Houston! It’s always nice to see how much color they bring in to the city even on cloudy days! ☁️
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