Making better choices in what we eat and getting our bodies moving can be the most powerful tools we have in living longer healthier lives.
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I have made this for dinner so many times I didn't even consider it might be a breakfast dish 🍳. So here's a yummy recipe for tomorrow morning... Or night.
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With Food Sense I have learned so much that I thought about nutrition just isn't true. Being a healthier me isn't the end of my "good life" it's the beginning (and continuing) of my best life.
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Edamame and Chickpea salad 🥗. Seriously so delicious! And you can make it and have lunch (or midnight snacks) for days.
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I'm doing big things today - overcoming lost car keys, a window well filling with water and a huge poisonous spider. Good thing I believe in me or I'd be huddled in a corner somewhere.
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Today I am tackling the leftovers in the fridge, so tomorrow I can meal plan.
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