Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed a few days in a row and it takes a whole day with great friends to remind you how great your life is! #sothoamerican #peacecorpslesotho #festive #lesotho #holidayseason @thenalaproject #howwediedtoday
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Wow! I’ve been a registered voter in a lot of states, but I’ve never received so much voter info from the state to prepare to voting. In every other state, I’ve had to work hard to find referendum or local candidate information! #SoThisIsWhatIGetForMyTaxes #California #vote2018 #voterregistration
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I tried something new today. #innout #animalstyle #california
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Finally unpacked and cleaned up enough for a classy dinner in with @cogbec 😊. You wish you had Becca baked mac & cheese, fish, and peas! #diningin #welivelikewow
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