Watch all Xmas Episodes at YouTube/isleybluesartschool #merrychristmas #damailmen #popsrecordspresents #isleybluesartschool
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Maddie. Isley. It's how we do. New artists. #popsrecordspresents #isleybluesartschool
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I have a purpose. Tomorrow the rad folks at Integrity Staffing in Tualatin, OR get to witness it. Corporate parties rule! Sorry kids. Tis' private. See you at the ER. @josephkonty @yomama @little_triad @tualatinintegritystaffinginc
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Over the past 2 decades & 1 year I have been asked to take off, put on and take off works due to working with management labels, PR & distribution. Now. My Dad & I are going to do whatever in the hell we want. So, I am re-releasing many,...
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41 Years Of Marriage. August 6th 2018. Sharon & Phil Konty. As their son I asked, "how do you know?" They said, "honey, you will know that you know." Unconditional unwavering knowing of a true love has equated to decades of lasting success. Together. This is marriage.
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