Watch all Xmas Episodes at YouTube/isleybluesartschool #merrychristmas #damailmen #popsrecordspresents #isleybluesartschool
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"Joseph, at 36 you're like a new car still... But, you Joseph are like a new car whose been driven the hell out of already with a lot of miles. Your stories have to be great," parent of student to said Joseph. #touche #livelife #beyou
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"Hey Sandy, ai, ai, ai. Well, does your dog bite, ai, ai, ai, hey Sandy," Polaris. The Adventures of Pete & Pete. #nickelodeon #Polaris #theadventuresofpeteandpete
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This Friday night we return to a venue we absolutely love @thehorseradish in Carlton, OR 7:00. The people, food & wine hands down top shelf. Don't miss. @little_triad
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