Happy New Year's Eve everyone. 2017 was definitely the year I started to embrace who I am more. I've learnt much more about body positivity and tried to care less about the way I look. I mean, last year you'd have never seen a photo of where my double chin...
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That Thursday feeling (like a Friday feeling for us Dubai peeps) ✨❤️ I’ve just finished a very sweaty gym session so I now look like a walking tomato 🥵 Now I’m totally ready for some dinner, a shower and an episode (or five) of Friends! ✨
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Nothing beats a katsu curry, no matter how basic it is 🙌🏻 I’d be very happy to eat this one from @miyabi_sushi every single day 🤤
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Don’t even care that I look like farmer in these dungarees, I love them too much 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m feeling really good this week. I’ve been treating my body well by eating lots of veggies, I went back to the gym yesterday after a bit of a break. And I’ve been...
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