Happy New Year's Eve everyone. 2017 was definitely the year I started to embrace who I am more. I've learnt much more about body positivity and tried to care less about the way I look. I mean, last year you'd have never seen a photo of where my double chin...
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It’s the freaking weekend baby 🙌🏻 I spent this afternoon mooching around Dubai Mall, spending too much money and then coming home to do an ASOS order - bye bye wages 💸 Sometimes some retail therapy is just needed! How is your Thursday going gang?
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I used to be crippled by anxiety and weighed down with depression. I couldn’t leave the house. I pushed people away. I lashed out. Now? I’ve started my career. I live abroad. I cherish the people around me. I’m kicking the butt of my mental health. I still struggle and...
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Monday vibes at @vibeuae 🍍
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