Ciao to 2017! It’s been one hell of a year! This year I experienced motherhood for the first time, got to see my husband turn into an awesome father, and got to see our spunky baby turn into a little boy. I never thought I would ever feel all the...
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Had so much fun in Philly with my favorite crazy turd @joeypala87 💕 I thought I was an obnoxiously loud human, but after spending sometime with this guy I realized how we can create surround sound just by having a conversation. 😂 #louditalians #passionatetalker #philly #cityofcousinlylove
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Maddox man photo shoot. You mean more to me than you will ever know 😘💕😍 #allyouneedislove #strikeapose #19monthsold #mylight #babyboy
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