Aloha Beauties! I know I'm a few days late but Welcome to 2018! The shop is still currently closed as we are still working on getting things moved. Which maybe a little slow going because, for those who may not have read it on our website, I'm pregnant! This has...
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Hello Beauties! ( Warning Long Post) I want to apologize for my lack of updates. Life has been crazy as we are preparing for our daughter to make her arrival. I am still on bedrest and will be for the remainder of my pregnancy. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow!...
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by theofficialalohanani 5 months ago | via Instagram

We have decided to make a Vero account. Not sure if we will keep it but we have it. Come find us. Dont worry we won't be leaving IG. #vero #veroapp #makeup #vegancompany #vegancosmetics #veganbathandbody #mua #smallbusiness
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