Deep fried whole barramundi w/ chilli caramel, lychee & cherry tomatoes 😋#bangpop
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Photobombing a celebrity chef. Check✔️ achievement unlocked 😛🏆@Bangpop with #curtisstone
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BangPop – Anti-Valentine’s Day Dinner Swap 🌹for tequila at BangPop’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Dinner. Gather a group of friends #👫 #👬 and head down to BangPop from 6pm to enjoy succulent Thai dishes all made with ingredients sourced locally and straight from Thailand. Say ‘no’ to commercialised holidays and ‘yes’ to...
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Bangpop’s new Dessert platter is perfect to share with your ❤️ones. Sorbet, panacotta, fresh 🍋with sticky rice and more..!!😜
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Betel leaf w/ roasted coconut & peanut, dried shrimp #🦐 ginger and chill #😛
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Perfect day #🌞 to enjoy delicious Thai food at Bangpop #🤗 with twist of Thai cocktails next to the water #yarrariver
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