Join us tonight at Palma Sola Botanical Park for our first meeting of 2018. We have Dr. Matt Snow sharing with us about avocados. Dr Matt Snow was born in Miami and has been interested in plants since he was very young. He has been a commercial farmer of avocados,...
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Join us at our September meeting this Monday, September 10th at 7pm as Shari, president of the Florida Barb concervancy shares about Bats & Gardens: A Natural Connection - Not long ago Florida was adorned with old growth forests, clean waterways, and wide expanses of connected scrublands. These habitats supported...
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There are still trees left - mangos, avocado, jackfruit, Sapodilla, Mamey, Banana, dwarf coconut, passion fruit, Black Sapote and much more!! We are here until 4pm
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Doors are open until 4pm! Our 30th annual sale!
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