I don’t post sad #selfies but when I do it’s when my #georgiabulldogs lose the championship.
by iamkelliparker 4 months ago | via Instagram

The sign over the bar at Millers All Day is just right. 💉💊🍹 #charlestoneats
by iamkelliparker 4 days ago | via Instagram

Happy #arborday from some woods behind what will be our new house. 😉
by iamkelliparker 3 weeks ago | via Instagram

The bright sunshine and pretty tulips are LIES. It’s 40 degrees and windy AF out here. ❄️💨 #Spring has forsaken us. 😭
by iamkelliparker 4 weeks ago | via Instagram

@freejoe76 got me a cape to celebrate one whole year at the @nydailynews. #winning
by iamkelliparker 1 month ago | via Instagram