It is official. I am all booked up for January and the first week of Feb. I am talking “don’t have a single day off” kind of booked up. But it’s OK because I have a Vegas trip in a couple of weeks! 🙌🏻 (@awhimsicalrose by me📸)
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A massive #tbt to this unseen photo I shot of @zoelondondj in a @fiveguysuk 😋 I say massive throwback because since this photo I think Zoe has had like 3 hair changes?? #FastFoodFordtography
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*listens to Thank U Next just once* *has it stuck in head all day* Doesn’t help that I saw a tshirt in Primark with those exact words, and then it got played during my shoot today. The theme of today has basically been THANK U, NEXT. If you could sum...
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I don’t know about you but if I could have some kind of power I have always wanted to be able to control fire. To make it in my hands, or click my fingers and a flame is there. Something about fire seems so deadly, but also pure and cleansing....
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