It is official. I am all booked up for January and the first week of Feb. I am talking “don’t have a single day off” kind of booked up. But it’s OK because I have a Vegas trip in a couple of weeks! 🙌🏻 (@awhimsicalrose by me📸)
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I want to do more moody and B&W stuff. Would people be against me giving them colour and B&W copies?? Do people still enjoy B&W or prefer colour?? @pererauk by me 📸
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I am so damn close to achieving my dream, which is having my career take me to the US of A 😬 🤞🏻 for 2019 people @foxxtailz by me 📸
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🌻SunDaze pt.2🌻 A self portrait
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🌻SunDaze🌻 A self portrait
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Tonights agenda: kit prep and beauty sleep. Got a wedding to shoot tomorrow 📸 Maybe I’ll add some Supernatural to tonights agenda also 🙊 @emmaslifeedit by me 📸
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