Today was a Bad Day but here's the good: I spotted one of my favourite Picasso prints in @johnlewisretail 🌷🌿
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Can you tell I had one too many drinks bought for me last night 🤷‍♀️ DUSA Media Awards were so fun ✨
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*Liam Gallagher voice*: sunshiiiine ☀️ Went for a “quick walk” that was actually 8 miles today and now I can’t move my legs
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When your current favourites match 💫
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I mean I’m really not, but maybe the lil guy will help me out
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Finishing uni (WOW that’s a terrifying statement) means I finally have time to read for pleasure again 💖 My first pick was @dollyalderton’s Everything I Know About Love and I am soaking up every word - it’s so beautifully written while also being incredibly hilarious, comforting, and moving. I’m only...
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